What motivates me

On an Earth that needs degrowth more than ever, how can we talk about construction?

In a context of limited resources and increasing pollution, it is by preserving and enhancing existing sites while promoting a responsible use of local resources that architecture is a most powerful tool to influence the course of events.

However, in these times of over-consumption and technological prowess, a wide range of "starchitects" compete in exuberance with ever more flamboyant creations or, on the contrary, in search of an unbelievable minimalism. We are witnessing an overbid of sensational objects designed to capture our already overloaded attention. Strangely, the influence of these image gurus combined with the abolition of borders has led to a certain standardization of architecture throughout the world.

In response to this observation and the urgent needs of our planet, I believe that it is now essential that any construction celebrates the uniqueness of each culture, which is closely linked to its urban or natural environment.

It should be noted that the design of architectural projects is a small investment compared to the ecological footprint of buildings and their long-term impact on the built landscape, as well as on the finances of their owners. Specifically, the design budget of a building represents on average only 3% of its total cost over its useful life. In other words, each dollar allocated to planning will have an impact on 97% of the investments related to the building. Knowing that your work is so important is a great reason to get up in a good mood every morning!

What I am passionate about

Saving the planet is an honourable ambition, but I derive my greatest satisfaction from signing useful and sustainable works that provide innovative solutions to people's needs.

Each architectural intervention represents a magnificent opportunity to create a dialogue between humans and their environment. Once built, buildings are now an integral part of the landscape, which is why the projects I design always fit in with the environment in which they are set.

Architecture is the art of shaping spaces in four dimensions. The time that regulates our lives and transforms materials represents this fourth dimension. The course of the sun, the seasons, temperature and human activities are all parameters that vary over time and that a well-designed layout must meet.

My mission is to create living spaces that take advantage of the variances of light and climate and to celebrate the passage of time, I propose materials whose textures and colors evolve over the years.

At Charbonneau architecture, technological innovation is encouraged, but never used for free. It can be used to maintain high quality standards or to help achieve sustainable development objectives. Technology is always at the service of architecture and not the other way around.

What I offer you

Each project deserves a touch of boldness so that our built landscape is shaped to match our savoir-faire. I am committed to sharing with you the family values passed down through four generations of architects to design a harmonious, safe and sustainable architecture in accordance with your priorities and budget.

Julien Charbonneau architect