Artist's Loft

Interior design

As his main interests were in both literature and rock music, the client wanted a place that would harmoniously combine writing and musical performance activities. Benefiting from large bay windows overlooking "The Main", the loft's layout includes a study separated from the rest of the space by large suspended checkered windows creating a bright space overlooking the inspiring activity of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, and a recessed and isolated recording studio, conducive to introspection and recording. The partially partitioned bedroom also has two large checkered windows that match the office window.

As the client wanted to preserve the industrial character of the place, the success of the project depended on the designer's ability to subdivide the space while remaining open. The functional simplicity and use of recycled materials made it possible to meet the budget without compromising the quality of the spaces. The glass and open partitions at the top benefit from abundant natural lighting, making artificial daylight unnecessary.

Interior Design : Julien Charbonneau
Photo Credit: Toby Cayouette